Here at Haulage Answers, your questions are our business!

We provide a completely independent, highly experienced consultancy service to haulage providers and customers alike.

Whatever the economic climate or the health of your business, there is always something…..

Since the 1970s, our livelihood has depended on success in the haulage industry with experience of a variety of customers, and involvement in road, rail and shipping services.

Are you a haulage provider?

We aim to help you solve operational and development problems.

Have you reviewed your operations recently? Are you sure that you buy fuel in the most efficient way, that you spec your fleet for maximum cost-efficiency, and that your drivers and staff are trained to work in the most economical way? Is your business structured in the right way to help you achieve the right level of profit?

We can help you re-examine your business with an impartial, objective view. We won't recommend change for its own sake!

Is any of your business under threat? Has a major or longstanding customer been taken over, so that you now have to re-quote for the work?

Maybe you are quoting for new traffic against an existing incumbent, or are competing for work with a national company?

You know you can do the business, but are you familiar with a detailed tender process? Perhaps you will need to make a formal presentation to support your tender?

We can support you through the tendering process, and help you to prepare and deliver your final presentation to the customer.

Are you a haulage customer?

We aim to guide you in choosing a haulage solution to meet your needs.

Are you a manufacturer or distributor, with a need for efficient haulage services to underpin your core business?

Should you run your own vehicles? If so, how do you acquire them and how do you decide on the best specification?

On the other hand, would it be better to outsource your transport needs? We can help you select the type of operation, identify contractors and negotiate pricing and contracts.

We promise always to be objective, focused and practical with our advice.